Information about the Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest economy in Latin America and is the largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region. Christopher Columbus landed on the island on December 5, 1492, which the Taíno people had inhabited since the 7th century. It became the site of the first permanent European settlement in the Americas; namely Santo Domingo, the oldest continuously inhabited city and the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule in the New World. After three centuries of Spanish rule, with French and Haitian interludes, the Dominican Republic became independent in 1821. Read More...

Boca Chica


Boca Chica beach has immaculate fine sand. You can walk in the water and the depth will barely change, the water will be to your waist (or a little bit over) all the time. It’s the most family friendly of all the Dominican Republic beachesThere are lots of bars, restaurants, pizza stands, souvenirs stalls and loud music all day long; all this along the beach sand very close to the shore. In recent years, the town has become overwhelmed with tourists from North America and Europe, especially during the months of December. It is one of the better places to enjoy swimming in the warm Caribbean waters in the evening, and transforms itself into a town of party bars at night.


Points Of Interest And Things To Do



Treasure Divers

Dive the beautiful coral reefs of the Caribbean with Treasure Divers in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.



Most of the night life in Boca Chica takes place on Calle Duarte, which is the street strip of Calle Duarte and the popular dress varies from casual to club-wear.



Panama Sport Fishing Lodge located at Boca Chica.

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